The Culture of Rother School
   In some regions of the world, the trees which stretch to the skies are connected on an unseen level. Their root systems are indeed connected beneath the ground, which provides incredible strength and foundation for the entire grove. This is true of the individuals who work on the Rother campus. Each one is committed to do whatever it takes to help EVERY child. The connection between the staff members serves as a safety net and a tremendous support for each child who joins our campus. A perfect example of this follows. This is a true story. This child, and a host of others come and find this wonderful net of support and love in Rother. This story will touch your heart. The names have been changed to protect this family's privacy.

Timothy arrived at Rother to enroll as a fourth grade student, just after the school year began. He immediately began to get in fights and bully other children. He had conflicts with his teacher and struggled with his schoolwork. The teacher regularly spoke to the principal about Timothy and the appropriateness of his placement in the classroom. It was a struggle for both.

Soon, a Student Study Team (SST) meeting was called. Timothy's mother, the classroom teacher, the school's counselor and psychologist, the RSP teacher and the principal met and found that Timothy had been referred for glasses, but they were never purchased. We also found that he had been tested for Special Education because he was so low academically. His mother admitted she could never afford the glasses, so Timothy went without.

We immediately tested him and found that he did qualify for an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and he began to receive two hours of additional support each day. Our school nurse contacted the Lion's Club who offered to pay for Timothy's glasses. From the time that Timothy started receiving instruction and assistance at his cognitive level, his behavior issues have completely stopped. He received his glasses and he is so proud. Yesterday, he came to the office and said, "You know what I told my teacher today? I told him he was one of the best teachers I've ever had. Then you know what he said to me? He said, 'Well, you're one of the best students I've ever had!'" A relationship that started out so rough has developed into a beautiful, life-long connection. Timothy now has the self-confidence that he lacked, and he loves Rother School!

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