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About Us

Home of the Roadrunners, Rother School operates classes for Kindergarten through 5th grade students. We have been named a California Distinguished School, and we are a recipient of the Title I High Achieving Award.

The Rother instructional program strongly believes that all children are capable of learning. Our goal and mission is to make sure that every child succeeds academically and socially.

Rother School is where:

• the limitless potential of each individual child is recognized.

• our caring, highly trained, and committed staff will hold students to the highest level of excellence and academic achievement.

• bridges of communication are built with families and community members in order to ensure the success of every child.

• the mind, body and character of each and every child is built.

Our mission statement expresses our desire to help each child learn and achieve, and to do that, Rother School utilizes intensive reading and math interventions, prescriptive instruction through small group and one-on-one instruction. Use of advanced technology, including a networked computer lab and classroom work stations with interactive computer programs, build skills which will be used for a lifetime. The library at Rother has over 10,000 books in circulation to stimulate young minds, and to encourage literacy at home, Even Start, a family literacy program is offered at Rother.

We encourage peer tutoring, partnering with middle and high school students to benefit both the student and the student-tutor. Conflicts at school are resolved by peer conflict managers, and our on-site counselor and psychologist provide assistance with counseling needs. All Rother School students receive free breakfast and lunch daily, and they receive SPARKS nutritional and physical education training.

District-wide programs offered at Rother and the other District schools are: the English Language Learner (ELL) program; preschool for children 3-5 years of age; and our quality after-school care (ACE program) which keeps students in a safe, educational environment each afternoon until 6:00 p.m. Clubs, activities, and athletics round out the program at Rother, as student achievement - both in the classroom and out - is celebrated.

Rother believes that parents and community members are building blocks to student achievement and success so to achieve those goals we have:

• An active Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

• Family Literacy Nights

• Community Service Learning activities

• Local Business Partnerships

• Family Connection Evenings

• Simpson University Connection

• School/Home Family Advocate

• Multiple Language Interpreters

• ELL Parent Education Opportunities

• An active Site Council